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Upholstery Cleaning - Experienced and Professional

Upholstery Cleaning | Elite Building Maintenance - Lancaster, CA

Wear and tear on your furniture can happen in many different ways. The most obvious issues occur within the actual structure of the furniture. You may notice the weakening of the legs on a chair or a new squeaking sound in your couch. However, there are more important and less obvious issues with your upholstery. Dirt and dust in the air and from the people who come into contact with your furniture can dull its color and make it look older.

At Elite Building Maintenance, we help individuals and businesses with their upholstery cleaning in Lancaster, CA and surrounding areas. With so many different fabric types and upholstery styles, it can become overwhelming trying to clean them yourself. We have the professional tools and supplies to do it right, every time.

There are many benefits of upholstery cleaning from Elite Building Maintenance:

Color Restoration—When you see your upholstery every day, it’s difficult to notice the effects that dirt and grime have on it. However, clients visiting your office for the first time, or infrequently, will be more likely to notice. Our team will have your furniture color looking vibrant for years.
Removes Stains—Don’t let that beautiful couch go to waste simply because of a stain. We have experience will all different types of stains on all sorts of fabrics, and we are experts at removing them.
Sanitization—By cleaning up your upholstery, we not only remove the dirt and make it look nice, but we also remove unhealthy bacteria.
Removes Odors—In the same way that you can restore a new car smell, we can give your upholstery a fresh new scent by eliminating any and all unpleasant odors.

If you want your business looking professional, you can depend on us to take care of everything. Call us today at Elite Building Maintenance for our incredible carpet cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services!